1.2. The Skills Gap Model of Life-long Learning

Free Introductory Workshop on the Skills-Gap model

This workshop derives from the rapidity and magnitude of changes that are changing the ways in which professionals learn, apply and gather knowledge. Curricula that attempts only to remain current with industrial practice while courses in the “new technology” are being provided on a continual basis will not be effective in this change driven environment. By the time the need is identified, the courses developed, and the students trained, the new technology has already started to become outdated at the current level of change. Consequently, the education that will succeed in the future will have to be one that is modeled change management as an integral part of learning. The IPK360 skills-gap based model for advanced competencies training described in this workshop derives from this principle.
Measuring trends in the labour market can often be a delayed and tedious process. Currently, labour market data is only available after gathering statistical information within a specific time frame. The ability to capture the changes on the ground as they happen can greatly enhance the engagement of engineers and other professionals in continual learning and knowledge update geared to change management. Advanced competencies training workshops offered through this platform are based on this principle. Through our growing global community of nearly 5000 engineers and health practitioners from across all disciplines  and over 130 countries around the world we capture competencies that exist in this group in real-time and compare these in real-time with engineering jobs that are being posted at a particular time. The results from this comparison establishes the ‘gaps’ between the employee market and employer demands creating an end –to-end curricula development and training process that is employer driven and employment focussed.

Intended Audience: Graduate and mid-career professionals, Engineering, Medicine, Other Regulated Professions

Free Introductory workshop on the Skills-Gaps Training Model for Engineers
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