1.1 Integrated Professional Knowledge (IPK360)

Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop provides an insight into the founding principles of IPK360 based on skills-gaps driven Advanced Competences Training workshops . This is a global knowledge platform for lifelong-learning and innovation in engineering, medicine and other regulated professions. This platform connects professionals and graduates,  institutions, employers and other stakeholders in the skilled worker fraternity to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to emerging challenges. Our focus is on understanding emerging paradigms, frontiers and needs in the professions to manage rapid change, convergence of technologies, innovation, globalization and emerging skills demands in regulated professions.
IPK360 is a pioneering and inventive brand that is dedicated to discovery, ideation, creativity and learning. It is an energetic and dynamic brand that is full of passion, professionalism and integrity, and it aims to raise global standrds as  a leading, respected voice for all things representing regulated professions

Intended Audience: Graduate and mid-career professionals, Engineering, Medicine, Other Regulated Professions

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  • 1 Video Lesson
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